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Past Festivals

Fade To Black Play Festival Winners


Larissa Brewington (Phoenix, AZ) - "micro"

Charlett Bundy (Annapolis, MD) -  "No, He Can't Sit Down!"
Charity Clark-Anderson (Southfield, MI)  - "Mama's Breath" 

Robert T. Fields (Richmond, CA) - "Keeper"

Mildred Inez Lewis (Los Angeles, CA) - "Louisiana Shoal"
Marita A. McKee (Pensacola, FL) - "In Passing" 

Lorna Taylor (Houston, TX) - "Just Like Family"

Harold JAY Trotter (Houston, TX) - "Unconditional"

Vincent Victoria (Houston, TX) - "The New Girl"

Curtis Von (Houston, TX) - "The Dilemma"


April Amara (College Park, MD) – “Dinner with a View”

Calley N. Anderson (Brooklyn, NY) – “Performative”

Leslie Dianne (New York City, NY) – “Forget Me Not”

Krystle Dellihue (Wayne, MI) – “Hattie (A Set at the Table)” 

Eric C. Jones (Houston, TX) – “Going Up!”

Nattalie Gordon (Fayetteville, GA) – “Hey, Best Friend!”
Joe A. Lewis (Silver Spring, MD) – “Forbidden Places”

DeLane McDuffie (Los Angeles, CA) – “Monomachia”

Corey Shields (Houston, TX) – “Busted”
Christian Wilburn (San Francisco, CA) – “White Card”



 Shaneisha Dodson (CA) - "Final Goodbye"

Bonita Elery (Atlanta, GA) - "Hot Potato" 
Mildred Inez Lewis (Los Angeles, CA) - "Jab, Cross, Hook"

Russell Nichols (Vallejo, CA) - "Why Husbands Hold Their Tongue"

 Joe A. Lewis (Silver Spring, MD) - "Choices"

Paula Celeste Neeley (Minnetonka, MN) - "Dear Fannie"

Patrina Randolph (Houston, TX) - "One Way or Another" 

Kimberly Ridgeway (Hayward, CA) - "The Contract"

James Anthony Tyler (Los Angeles, CA) - "Those Wishing" 

Daysha Veronica (Los Angeles, CA) - "Olivia's Last Night in Venice"


Toccara Castleman (Brooklyn, NY) - "Escaping Inward"

Marcus Colon (Fort Myers, FL) - "Home Life"

Jeremy Holloway (​Cordova, TN) - "BlackHeaven"

DeLane McDuffie (Los Angeles, CA) - "Cop and Fiske"

Russell Nichols (Vallejo, CA) - "Invisibility"

Patrina Randolph (Houston, TX) - "Controlled Substance"

Crystal Rae (Houston, TX) - "Raising Solomon"

Angela Y. Rice (Houston, TX) - "Jesus, The Good Time Charlie"

Clinnesha D. Sibley (McComb, MS) - "The Cleaning Ladies"

Rukiya Varner (Virginia Beach, VA) - "Yellow Lilies"


​​Simone Black (St. Albans, NY) - "From This Moment On"

Sharai Bohannon (Chicago, IL) - "Well That Just Happened"

Zachariah Ezer (Brooklyn, NY) - "Time To A Phantom"

Ken Green (Boston, MA) - "The Line"

Reginald C. Jackson (Chicago, IL) - "Convictions"

Darien Mitchell (Washington, DC) - "Aggression"

Lewis Morrow (Kansas City, KS) - "Ain't Dirt on Your Hands"

Renée Nixon (Durham, NC) - "Dazed and Stunned"

Alan Sharpe (Washington, DC) - "Bedtime Story"

Corey Shields (Houston, TX) - "Jody"


 Calley Anderson (New York, NY) - "Trick or Treat?"

Yunina Barbour-Payne (Houston, TX) - "Tobacco Fields" 

Maya Critchlow (Houston, TX) - "What About Tomorrow?"

Vincent Terrell Durham (Van Nuys, CA) - "Home For The Holidays With The Lord"

Peter Fields (Kent, OH) - "The Visit"

Ken Green (Boston, MA) - "The Campaign"

Lionell A. Hilliard (Houston, TX) - "Is Orange the New Black?" 

Eric C. Jones (Houston, TX) - "War Letters"

Brandon Riley (Tempe, AZ) - "Easy As Pie"

T J Young (Pittsburgh, PA) - "Before The Fire"



Markietha Ka'Von Singleton, (Chicago, IL) - "Blithe Taste"



Chuck Cummings, (S. Pasadena, CA) - "Rest In Peace"

Rachel Dickson, (Houston, TX) - "To Each His Own"

Timothy Eric (Houston, TX) - "Switchback"

Evonne Fields-Gould (Kent, OH) - "Life, Love, & Boobs"

Markietha Ka'Von Singleton, (Chicago, IL) - "Blithe Taste"

Joe A. Lewis, (Silver Spring, MD) - "Dream" 

Asia Nichols, (Vallejo, CA) - "Incredible Darling"

Dana Stringer, (Atlanta, GA) - "Ms. Frankie Lee"

Lorna Taylor (Houston, TX) - "What Is Greater Than Fear"

A'ndrea J. Wilson, (Soperton, GA) - "On Da Rooftop"



Angela Y. Rice (Houston, TX) - "And A Child Shall Lead Them"



Tina Burnside (Minneapolis, MN) - "Just A Rope?"

Kim El (Pittsburgh, PA) - "Of Nine Tales"

Joe A. Lewis (Silver Spring, MD) - "Greater Good"

Russell Nichols (Vallejo, CA) - "There Once Was A Jack In The Box: A Mad Scientist's Lament"

Angela Y. Rice (Houston, TX) - "And A Child Shall Lead Them"

Anthony Roberts (Brooklyn, NY) - "The Kiss of Auset"

Stacey Rose (Bronx, NY) - "Summer '89: Prelude"

Dana Stringer (Atlanta, GA) - "Looter"

Caron Tate (Los Angeles, CA) - "Spellcheck"

Marlow Wyatt, (Los Angeles, CA) - "Sweetie's Confession"


Angela Y. Rice (Houston, TX), "The Vessel By Which"



Melanie E. Burke (Houston, TX) - "In The Still of the Night"

Dana Clark-Brocks (Dallas, TX) - "Valentine's Day Murder"

Chuck Cummings (S. Pasadena, CA) - "Edmonia's Marble"

Kelvin Douglas (Houston, TX) - "Driving Miss Crazy"

Ken Green (Boston, MA) - "State"

Ron Jones, Jr. (Round Rock, TX) - "Unsolicited Material"

Thomas Meloncon (Houston, TX) - "Color Blind"

Angela Y. Rice (Houston, TX) - "The Vessel by Which"

Dana Stringer (Atlanta, GA) - "Colored In Winter"

Travis Tate (Austin, TX) - "Whipped"



Melanie E. Burke (Houston, TX), "Saving Grace"



Melanie E. Burke (Houston, TX) - "Saving Grace"

James Earl Hardy (New York, NY) - "A Kiss is Just a Kiss"

Juanita Harvey (Philadelphia, PA) - "Long Distance Love"

Lou Johnson (Nashville, TN) - "The Lepers of Orchard Park"

Michelle T Johnson (Kansas City, KS) - "Olivia's Little Patch of Snow"

Aaron McDavis (Rowlett, TX) - "A Psycho's Path"

Barbara & Carlton Molette (Atlanta, GA) - "Kin Ship"

Aurin Squire (Brooklyn, NY) - Morehouse Men"

Dana Stringer (Atlanta, GA) - "Costume Waver"

Stacey Rose (Bronx NY) - "My Pet"



Angela Batravil (Los Angeles, CA) - "Venus and Mars - Date Night"



Angela Batravil (Los Angeles, CA) - "Venus and Mars - Date Night"

Rachel DuBose (Evanston, IL) - "Lonely Hearts"  

Peter Anthony Fields" (Kent, OH) - "Burden"

Kevin R. Free (New York, NY) - "Portal, or Metaphorical Tricycle"

Michelle T. Johnson (Kansas City, KS) - "A Rebecca By Any Other Name Is Still A Becky" 

Eric C. Jones (Houston, TX) - "American Rifle"

Nate Jones & Tynesha Clark (Houston, TX) - "A Sunny Day In Chicago"

Alonzo D LaMont, Jr. (Baltimore, MD.) - "Cultural Diversity Ate My Lunch"

Barbara & Carlton Molette (Atlanta, GA) - "Last Supper"

Carol Roper (Imperial Beach, CA) - "Airport Diner"

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