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Past Festivals

2020 Fade To Black Winners

Toccara Castleman (Brooklyn, NY), "Escaping Inward"

Marcus Colon (Fort Myers, FL), "Home Life"

Jeremy Holloway (​Cordova, TN), "BlackHeaven"

DeLane McDuffie (Los Angeles, CA), "Cop and Fiske"

Russell Nichols (Vallejo, CA),  "Invisibility"

Patrina Randolph (Houston, TX), "Controlled Substance"

Crystal Rae (Houston, TX), "Raising Solomon"

Angela Y. Rice (Houston, TX), "Jesus, The Good Time Charlie"

Clinnesha D. Sibley (McComb, MS), "The Cleaning Ladies"

Rukiya Varner (Virginia Beach, VA), "Yellow Lillies"

2019 Fade To Black Winners

Simone Black (St. Albans, NY), "From This Moment On"

Sharai Bohannon (Chicago, IL), "Well That Just Happened"

Zachariah Ezer (Brooklyn, NY), "Time To A Phantom"

Ken Green (Boston, MA), "The Line"

Reginald C. Jackson (Chicago, IL), "Convictions"

Darien Mitchell (Washington, DC), "Aggression"

Lewis Morrow (Kansas City, KS), "Ain't Dirt on Your Hands"

Renée Nixon (Durham, NC), "Dazed and Stunned"

Alan Sharpe (Washington, DC), "Bedtime Story"

Corey Shields (Houston, TX), "Jody"

2018 Fade To Black Winners


Calley Anderson (New York, NY), "Trick or Treat?"

Yunina Barbour-Payne (Houston, TX), "Tobacco Fields" 

Maya Critchlow (Houston, TX), "What About Tomorrow?"

Vincent Terrell Durham (Van Nuys, CA), "Home For The Holidays With The Lord"

Peter Fields (Kent, OH), "The Visit"

Ken Green (Boston, MA), "The Campaign"

Lionell A. Hilliard (Houston, TX), "Is Orange the New Black?" 

Eric C. Jones (Houston, TX), "War Letters"

Brandon Riley (Tempe, AZ), "Easy As Pie"

T J Young (Pittsburgh, PA), "Before The Fire"



2016 Fade To Black Winner

Angela Y. Rice (Houston, TX), "And A Child Shall Lead Them"



Tina Burnside (Minneapolis, MN) - "Just A Rope?"

Kim El (Pittsburgh, PA) - "Of Nine Tales"

Joe A. Lewis (Silver Spring, MD) - "Greater Good"

Russell Nichols (Vallejo, CA) - "There Once Was A Jack In The Box: A Mad Scientist's Lament"

Angela Y. Rice (Houston, TX) - "And A Child Shall Lead Them"

Anthony Roberts (Brooklyn, NY) - "The Kiss of Auset"

Stacey Rose (Bronx, NY) - "Summer '89: Prelude"

Dana Stringer (Atlanta, GA) - "Looter"

Caron Tate (Los Angeles, CA) - "Spellcheck"

Marlow Wyatt, (Los Angeles, CA) - "Sweetie's Confession"




2017 Fade To Black Winner

Markietha Ka'Von Singleton, (Chicago, IL) - "Blithe Taste"



Chuck Cummings, (S. Pasadena, CA) - "Rest In Peace"

Rachel Dickson, (Houston, TX) - "To Each His Own"

Timothy Eric (Houston, TX) - "Switchback"

Evonne Fields-Gould (Kent, OH) - "Life, Love, & Boobs"

Markietha Ka'Von Singleton, (Chicago, IL) - "Blithe Taste"

Joe A. Lewis, (Silver Spring, MD) - "Dream" 

Asia Nichols, (Vallejo, CA) - "Incredible Darling"

Dana Stringer, (Atlanta, GA) - "Ms. Frankie Lee"

Lorna Taylor (Houston, TX) - "What Is Greater Than Fear"

A'ndrea J. Wilson, (Soperton, GA) - "On Da Rooftop"




2015 Fade To Black Winner

Angela Y. Rice (Houston, TX), "The Vessel By Which"



Melanie E. Burke (Houston, TX) - "In The Still of the Night"

Dana Clark-Brocks (Dallas, TX) - "Valentine's Day Murder"

Chuck Cummings (S. Pasadena, CA) - "Edmonia's Marble"

Kelvin Douglas (Houston, TX) - "Driving Miss Crazy"

Ken Green (Boston, MA) - "State"

Ron Jones, Jr. (Round Rock, TX) - "Unsolicited Material"

Thomas Meloncon (Houston, TX) - "Color Blind"

Angela Y. Rice (Houston, TX) - "The Vessel by Which"

Dana Stringer (Atlanta, GA) - "Colored In Winter"

Travis Tate (Austin, TX) - "Whipped"




2014 Fade To Black Winner

Melanie E. Burke (Houston, TX), "Saving Grace"



Melanie E. Burke (Houston, TX) - "Saving Grace"

James Earl Hardy (New York, NY) - "A Kiss is Just a Kiss"

Juanita Harvey (Philadelphia, PA) - "Long Distance Love"

Lou Johnson (Nashville, TN) - "The Lepers of Orchard Park"

Michelle T Johnson (Kansas City, KS) - "Olivia's Little Patch of Snow"

Aaron McDavis (Rowlett, TX) - "A Psycho's Path"

Barbara & Carlton Molette (Atlanta, GA) - "Kin Ship"

Aurin Squire (Brooklyn, NY) - Morehouse Men"

Dana Stringer (Atlanta, GA) - "Costume Waver"

Stacey Rose (Bronx NY) - "My Pet"




2013 Fade To Black Winner

Angela Batravil (Los Angeles, CA) - "Venus and Mars - Date Night"



Angela Batravil (Los Angeles, CA) - "Venus and Mars - Date Night"

Rachel DuBose (Evanston, IL) - "Lonely Hearts"  

Peter Anthony Fields" (Kent, OH) - "Burden"

Kevin R. Free (New York, NY) - "Portal, or Metaphorical Tricycle"

Michelle T. Johnson (Kansas City, KS) - "A Rebecca By Any Other Name Is Still A Becky" 

Eric C. Jones (Houston, TX) - "American Rifle"

Nate Jones & Tynesha Clark (Houston, TX) - "A Sunny Day In Chicago"

Alonzo D LaMont, Jr. (Baltimore, MD.) - "Cultural Diversity Ate My Lunch"

Barbara & Carlton Molette (Atlanta, GA) - "Last Supper"

Carol Roper (Imperial Beach, CA) - "Airport Diner"

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