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F2B Reading Series

The Fade To Black Reading Series is energetic, urban, colorful, and edgy!

We bring a whole new way of seeing theatre readings!



"Pocketbook" by Cris Eli Blak (Houston, TX)
"Wash and Go" by Nana Konadu Cann (Princeton, NJ)
"Rosemary and Timon" by Gregory S. C
arr (St. Louis, MO)
"Match Point" by Krystle Dellihue
 (Detroit, MI)
"The (W)Hole Inside" by Velvia Keithley (Huntsville, TX)
"I’m Here to Pick Up Monica" by Carlton Molette (Atlanta, GA)
"Double Standard" by Kimberly Ridgeway (Hayward, CA)
"Voting While Negro" by Toma Lynn Smith (Chicago, IL)




"WHAT B#%CH?", by Simone Black (St. Albans, NY) 

"Measure of a Man", by India Nicole Burton (Chicago, IL) 

"OBG: Only Black Guy", by Reginald C. Jackson (Chicago, IL) 

"Darth and Luke", by Christian St. Croix (San Diego, CA) 

"How Do You Plead?", by Tiffany Parks (Atlanta, GA) 

"Ivory", by Sarah-Faith Osman (New York, NY) 

"Rite of Passage", by Devin Porter (El Paso, TX) 

"Rogues", by Brandy Victoria Durham (Silver Spring, MD) 

"You Leaving Again, Ain't You?", by Sharon Lovell (Pittsburgh, PA) 

"Aim & Profile", by Aladrian Wetzel (Bel Air, MD) 



"A Patriot's Place", by Brittani Samuel (Baldwin, NY)

"All of Me", by Joe Lewis (Silver Spring, MA)

"Bad", by Prince Duren (Byram, MS)

"Don't Touch My Hair", Sean Johnson (Houston, TX)

"It Makes a Difference", by Robert Fields (Richmond, CA)

"Loyal Side Chick", by Fred Roberts (New Orleans, LA)

"Makin' Bond", by Lou Johnson (Nashville, TN)

"They Say", by Jonathan Johnson (Westland, MI)

"United Separatism", by Ada Alozie (Chicago, IL)



"To Be Black in America, Woof, Woof", by Reginald Baril (Miami, FL)

"Salt"', by Tramaine Brathwaite, (Atlanta, GA)

"Never Roger", by Trevor Davis, (Huntington, NY)

"The Absolved Exoneration", by Kelvin Douglas (Houston, TX)

"Amazin' Jason", by Brittany S. Harris (Norfolk, VA)

"Uncle Tom's Hangar, by Russell Nichols (Vallejo, CA) 

"Eternal Flame", by Melanie Payne (Ft. Meyers, FL) 

"Truth Hurts", by Cory Shields (Houston, TX) 

"Sell Out", by Breana C. Venable (Charlotte, NC)



"Cops Lives Matter", Ishmon Brown, (New York, NY)

"Garage Invasion", Rex McGregor, (Auckland, New Zealand)

"Carry Yourself With The Confidence", Philana Omorotionmwan (Athens, OH)

"Baby Names", Alex Pendleton, (Huntington, NY)

"What Goes On In Counseling", Fred Roberts, (New Orleans, LA)

"Thorns", Clinnesha B. Sibley, (North Charleston, SC)

"Perceptions", Barbara Starkes, (Houston, TX)

'Make Good", Josiah Turner, (Stevens Point, WI)

"In Your Hands", LaDarrion Williams, (Hollywood, CA)



"Enigma", by Tramaine Brathwaite (Atlanta, GA)

"Harlem Strides", by Domonique Champion (Houston, TX)

"Final Verdict", by Fabiola R. Decius (Hyde Park, MA)

"Captain Samaritan: The Battle of Negrophobia", by Jeremy Holloway (Cordova, TN)

"The Dean's Office", Joyce Lee (Los Angeles, CA)

"Red Letter Day", by Russell Nichols (Richmond, CA)

"Line Dry", by Royal Shiree (Lynchburg, VA)

"Color of Pain", by Erika Walton (Houston, TX)



"Taken", Larissa Brewington, (Phoenix, AZ)

"Anxiety", Pat Crews, (Accokeek, MD)

"NOW", Vincent Terrell Durham, (Hollywood, CA)

"Less Than A Fairytale", Cynthia Hardeman, (Kansas City, MO)

"Jamestown", Cleo House Jr., (Atlanta, GA)

"Breaths", Amissa Miller, (Cambridge MA)

"Josephine", Fred Roberts, (New Orleans, LA)

"Engagement(s)", Alan Sharpe, (DC, Washington) 

"Name Dropping", Corey Shields, (Houston, TX)

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