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Full-Length Play Script Submission
Frequently Asked Questions

Submission Fees

Q1: Why is a submission fee required?
A1: The fee helps cover administrative costs related to acquiring readers for the plays.

Q2: Will I get my funds back if my play is not chosen?
A2: No, all fees are non-refundable.

Q3: Are submission fee scholarships available? 

A3. Not at this time. 

Play Production Status

Q1: What makes a play an acceptably unproduced play?
A1: An acceptably unproduced play is one that has never been produced by another company. We want to encourage playwrights to create new work, not submit plays that have already been staged.

Q2: I didn't get paid for the play. Does that make it previously produced?
A2: Yes, whether or not you were paid does not affect the play's production status. We encourage you to submit new plays that haven't been staged before.

Q3: Why is a reading of my play acceptable?
A3: Staged readings, whether formal or informal, are not considered productions. If your play has only been read publicly or privately but has not been produced as a full-scale stage performance, it is acceptable for submission.

Q4: Can I submit a play that is an adaptation of a famous book or movie?
A4: No, we only accept original works. Adaptations of existing books, movies, or plays are not eligible unless the original work is in the public domain.

Q5: Can I submit a play that has been performed in a classroom or workshop setting?
A5: Yes, plays that have been performed in classroom or workshop settings are eligible, as long as they have not been produced for a paying audience.

Q6: Can I submit a one-act play?
A6: No, we are specifically seeking full-length plays. One-act plays are not eligible for submission.

Q7: Can I get feedback on my play if it is not selected?
A7: Unfortunately, due to the volume of submissions, we are unable to provide individual feedback on plays that are not selected.

Q8: Can I submit a play that has been self-published?
A8: No, self-published plays are considered published and are not eligible for submission.

Q9: Can I submit the same play to the festival again next year if it is not selected this year?
A9: Yes, you can resubmit the same play in future years if it has not been produced or published in the meantime.

Q10: Can I make changes to my play after I have submitted it?
A10: No, once your play is submitted, no revisions or changes can be made unless specifically requested by the review panel.

Q11: Will my play be considered if it doesn't follow the standard industry formatting?
A11: Proper formatting is important for readability and professionalism. While minor deviations might be overlooked, plays that significantly deviate from standard formatting may be at a disadvantage.

Q12: Can I include illustrations or images in my play submission?
A12: No, please do not include illustrations or images. The play should be evaluated on its text and stage directions alone.

Playwright Attendance

Q1: Am I required to attend in order for my play to be read?
A1: Yes. It is best that you are there for the development and representation of your play.

Q2: Will a stipend and travel accommodations be provided if my play is chosen?
A2: No. Due to the number of playwrights that we will facilitate, the festival will not offer any form of compensation for being selected. This is an opportunity for exposure and quality development of your work.

Casting and Directing 

Q1: How will I establish the cast and director and location of my play?
A1: You are free to bring your own cast and director; however, it is highly likely that the festival will have a pool of several actors and directors who may want to participate in your reading. The festival will provide the location for your formal reading at no charge to you.

Playwright Eligibility

Q1: I am not Black or African American. Can I submit a play?
A1: No, submissions are only open to Black or African American playwrights. We aim to provide a platform specifically for underrepresented voices in the Black and African American community.

Q2: I am biracial but identify as Black. Can I submit a play?
A2: Yes, if you identify as Black or African American, you are eligible to submit a play.

Q3: I don't publicly identify as Black or African American but have Black heritage. Can I submit?
A3: No, submissions are only for those who openly identify as Black or African American.

Q4: Can I submit if my play is about Black or African American experiences but I am not Black or African American?
A4: No, the eligibility is based on the playwright's identity, not the play's subject matter.

Q5: I am a Black playwright living outside the United States. Can I submit?
A5: Yes, Black or African American playwrights from any location are eligible to submit.

Q6: I took a DNA test and found out that I have some African ancestry. Can I submit?
A6: No, eligibility is based on self-identity and a meaningful connection to the Black or African American community, not on DNA percentages.

Q7: I am not Black or African American, but I really understand and respect the culture. Can I submit?
A7: No, submissions are exclusively for Black or African American playwrights, regardless of your understanding or respect for the culture.

Q8: I have friends who are Black. Can I submit on their behalf?
A8: No, submissions must come directly from the playwrights themselves.

Q9: I am not Black or African American, but my play has a diverse cast. Can I submit?
A9: No, the eligibility is based on the playwright's identity, not the diversity of the cast.

Script Evaluators FAQ

As a compensated Script Evaluator, your role is crucial in shaping the festival and celebrating diverse voices in theatre. If you're passionate about theatre, have strong analytical skills, and can commit the time, we invite you to join our team. To apply, please contact us at with the subject line: 2025 Script Evaluator Inquiry.

Q1: What qualifications do I need to become a Script Evaluator?
A1: Script Evaluators should have a strong background in theatre, playwriting, or literature, with experience reading and critiquing scripts. Strong script analysis ability is required. A degree in theatre arts, English, or a related field is preferred but not mandatory.

Q2: How many scripts will I be expected to evaluate?
A2: The number of scripts can vary, but typically evaluators will review between 25-35 scripts during the "Evaluation Period" from August 1 - November 1, 2024.

Q3: Will I be compensated for my work as a Script Evaluator?
A3: Yes, Script Evaluators will receive a stipend per script for their time and expertise.

Q4: How will I receive the scripts to evaluate?
A4: Scripts will be provided digitally through our secure online submission portal. You will be given access to download and review them at your convenience.

Q5: What is the deadline for completing script evaluations?
A5: Script evaluations must be completed within a specified timeframe, typically within 4-6 weeks from the date you receive the scripts.

Q6: What criteria should I use to evaluate the scripts?
A6: Evaluators should consider criteria such as originality, character development, dialogue, structure, and overall impact. Detailed evaluation guidelines will be provided.

Q7: Can I evaluate scripts if I have a conflict of interest?
A7: Evaluators must disclose any potential conflicts of interest, such as personal or professional relationships with the playwrights. You will not be assigned scripts where a conflict exists.

Q8: How should I submit my evaluations?
A8: Evaluations should be submitted through the online portal using the provided evaluation forms. Detailed instructions will be provided.

Q9: Will my evaluations be anonymous?
A9: Yes, your evaluations will be kept confidential and anonymous. Playwrights will not have access to individual evaluator comments.


Q10: Can I discuss the scripts I am evaluating with others?
A10: No, all scripts and evaluations must be kept confidential. Discussing scripts with others is strictly prohibited.


Q11: What support is available if I have questions during the evaluation process?
A11: Support will be available through the festival’s administrative team. You can reach out via email or phone with any questions or concerns.


Q12: Will I receive feedback on my evaluations?
A12: Yes, you may receive feedback from the festival's administrative team to ensure consistency and quality in the evaluation process.


Q13: What happens if I cannot complete my evaluations on time?
A13: If you are unable to complete your evaluations on time, you should inform the administrative team as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made.


Q14: Can I be a Script Evaluator if I am also submitting a script to the festival?
A14: No, individuals submitting scripts to the festival are not eligible to serve as Script Evaluators to avoid any conflicts of interest.


Q15: How do I apply to become a Script Evaluator?
A15: You can apply by submitting your resume and a brief statement of interest through our online application portal. The application period and additional details will be provided on our website.

Additional Questions

Q1: Who should I contact if I still have additional questions?
A1: | Subject: 2025 Submission Inquiry

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