We are Houston's first and only 10-minute play festival to celebrate the new works of African-American playwrights! We are growing by leaps and bounds and would love to have you join our great organization. 




Fade To Black Play Festival is groundbreaking! When we started we did so with the desire to create something “wonderful”! A team of local directors, actors, and volunteers used their talents to open doors of opportunity for emerging Black playwrights. Suddenly our humble play festival was on its feet and forging onward! From that moment on, we have never looked back!


The Reading Series

Shabach Enterprise's Fade To Black Reading Series returns for its sixth year!

A Sunday matinee has been added.

Fade To Black is Houston's first and only short play festival to showcase the new works of Black playwrights.

Each year, as we bring more programs to life, the Fade To Black movement grows! We have already produced the plays of over 250 amazing playwrights and utilized the talents of our culturally diverse theatre community of local actors and directors.

2023 Fade To Black Reading Series Winners


"WHAT B#%CH?", by Simone Black (St. Albans, NY) 

"Measure of a Man", by India Nicole Burton (Chicago, IL) 

"Only Black Guy", by Reginald C. Jackson (Chicago, IL) 

"Darth and Luke", by Christian St. Croix (San Diego, CA) 

"How Do You Plead?", by Tiffany Parks (Atlanta, GA) 

"Ivory", by Sarah-Faith Osman (New York, NY) 

"Rite of Passage", by Devin Porter (El Paso, TX) 

"Rogues", by Brandy Victoria Durham (Silver Spring, MD) 

"You Leaving Again, Ain't You?", by Sharon Lovell (Pittsburgh, PA) 

"Aim & Profile", by Aladrian Wetzel (Bel Air, MD) 



The Fade To Black Play Festival is funded in part by the:

  • City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance

  • Texas Commission on the Arts 

  • BIPOC Arts Network and Fund (BANF)

  • Humanities Texas, the state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities 

  • Benevolent contributions of private/public donors