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Shabach Enterprise 



To soothe with praise.  To address in a loud voice.

To glorify and adore. To boast. To triumph.

To pacify through words

......To calm anger.


Established in 2007, Shabach Enterprise is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), minority-led organization dedicated to advancing the African-American community through the theatrical arts. We have crafted over a decade of cultural impact, breaking racial barriers through community engagement. Our commitment to equity is demonstrated through the successful production of over 300 African-American plays without requiring playwrights to self-produce. We've employed over 600 local BIPOC artists, fostering a diverse community that reflects our vibrant society.

Our Mission

  • Shabach Enterprise seeks to support African American community outreach and advancements through theatrical arts and foster public awareness and cultural appreciation of the performing arts within their communities.


  • Shabach Enterprise endeavors to promote positive networking opportunities among budding entrepreneurs within the community.


  • Shabach Enterprise encourages all individuals who possess a love for the performing art to engage themselves with the mission of Shabach Enterprise.


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